I don't wanna get all scientific on ya, but I can!

What is ceramic spray and why do I need it?

Ceramic is Silica, or tiny glass-like particles of silicon dioxide suspended in a resin. It gives your car a truly durable seal and glass-like finish.

We use a ceramic spray, which is a quicker way to get the effects of ceramic coating. A traditional ceramic coating takes hours of careful application and close-to-perfect conditions. If you're paying a mobile detailer for a ceramic coating, I have a boat to sell you! I'm kidding, of course! Ceramic spray does as previously stated—gives you the effects of a ceramic coating.

  • Doesn't wash away:Ceramic-based Sio2 creates a glass-like layer over your car's surface.

  • Saves Time:Applying a ceramic coating is hours of careful, meticulous application (and much more expensive). The spray on formula takes fractions of the time.

  • Glass-Like Shine:Designed to draw out vehicle's clear coat for premium shine.

  • Highly Hydrophobic:That's just a fancy way of saying it repels water and the elements.

  • Up To 12 Months Of Protection:Once the Sio2 dries, it's not prone to being degraded by elements.