OCD Auto Detailing, LLC

If you're like me and see all of these words and click to the next page, please catch this first paragraph.

I'll get into the details about OCD, but first I want to thank you. I realize you likely typed “detail” or something similar into Google and 742 of us popped up. That might be a slight exaggeration, but the fact that you landed here will not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. Is it possible there are that many detailers who do quality work? It's possible, but we can't speak for, or against, any of them. We can only tell you about the countless hours and years we have spent researching every detail of detailing. So, again, thank you for choosing OCD. While we can't tell you we are the cheapest in town, we can tell you, with every car we touch, we aim to be the best.

Who Are We?

I'm Toby. I'm the owner of OCD Auto Detailing. For nearly a decade I have made a living cleaning cars. I have been in business management for close to 30 years. I'll do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations. As luck would have it, I am clinically diagnosed OCD/ADD. It's not just a catchy name. It is who I am. It's that obsession and attention to detail that will either make your car new again or keep your new car fresh and clean. My goal is to be the only person you allow to clean your car.

We protect your investments.

Let's face it, outside of your home and the kid's college, your automobiles are at the top of the investment list. Every day I see the damage “touchless” and “cloth” car washes do to your vehicles. Most of the time, we can fix that. I only use the best and safest chemicals, waxes and sealants and will never go the ‘cheap route' to save a few dollars.

If you have any questions, comments or don't see a package that fits your needs, please call, text or email me. I will create a package that works for you.